Covid-19 Safety Measures

When you visit our stores

  • Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to each store and we encourage all visitors to make use of this before entering
  • As per government law we ask that any visitors wear a face covering while in store
  • We encourage visitors not to touch any items for sale, although gloves are provided at the sales desk if you would like to further inspect an item

  • Disposable seat coverings are used where a customer would like to try out a sofa or chair in order to limit contact

  • All point of sale kiosks have been fitted with Perspex screens to provide a barrier between customer

  • All workspaces and store areas are cleaned and sanitised often throughout the day

  • Contactless payments are encouraged where possible

When we deliver/collect

  • All of our vans are thoroughly sanitised before each days jobs

  •  Our collections and deliveries are carried out in separate vans in order to prevent any cross contamination between sold items and newly donated items

  • A quarantine warehouse is used to store donated items which are held here for 72 hours before arriving in our stores

  • All of our delivery/collection teams are fully kitted out with all the PPE you would expect, masks, gloves and sanitiser etc.

  • Our delivery/collection teams are following strict social distancing guidelines and may ask you to leave the room while they handle your furniture in order to maintain distance

  • We have limited the number of crew on each van to 2 and all crews are fixed to the same two people each day in order to maintain distance and limit exposure between colleagues where practical.

We know how important our services are to our community and do not want to find ourselves in a position where we are unable to provide our services. As a result we are taking the threat of Covid-19 very seriously and are staying ever vigilant to the changing circumstances.

During lockdown we carried out extensive risk assessments so that we could reopen and continue to provide vital services to our local community in a safe manner. All of our staff and volunteers have received certified Covid-19 Awareness training before returning to work to ensure we are all aware of the risks this virus poses and how to effectively deal with the ‘new normal’ that we are all slowly becoming used to.