Items we are in need of

  • Sofas, armchairs and other upholstery

  • Mattresses – Must be clean, stain free and have a fire safety label attached

  • Chest of drawers and bedroom storage

  • Working white goods, fridge freezers, electric cookers, washing machines etc.

  • Dining Sets (Table with chairs)

  • Office Furniture (Desks, chairs, cabinets etc.)

  • Bric-a-brac – Maximum of 3 boxes/bags per donation

Items we are unable to accept

  • Gas Appliances – As we do not have the facilities or staff to adequately test such items

  • Broken or faulty items that require extensive repairs

  • Sofas, chairs and mattresses without a fire safety label attached

  • Kitchen units and fixings

  • Electricals manufactured BEFORE 2010 due to the Persistent Organic Pollutant Regulations – more info

  • Black glass and chrome leg TV units – Currently we have a large surplus of these

Revolve Certified

As part of our Revolve certification we commit to providing our customers with quality goods and professional service. This means that every item that we sell or pass on via goodwill must conform with a set of standards laid out by Revolve which in turn ensures that customers can buy reuse in confidence. These standards cover a wide variety of checks to confirm that donated items;

  • Are structurally sound and safe to use in the manner they were designed for
  • Conform with manufacturing regulations, specifically around flammability and fire safety
  • Are clean and hygienically safe

As such these rules do on occasion mean that we may have to refuse your donation if it doesn’t quite meet any of these standards.

Fire Safety Labels

All soft furnishings, be they sofas, mattresses, divan beds or upholstered dining chairs must carry a Fire Safety label. Without this label we simply cannot pass your items on and as such they are of no use. It’s unfortunate but it is a legal requirement that when we pass such items on that they carry this label.

With sofas and other upholstered goods the label will generally start with the phrase “Carelessness Causes Fire” and will continue to state “To comply with the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988.” These labels are normally sewn onto the item in an unobtrusive place such as underneath the item or under the cushions perhaps, it all varies on the manufacturer of the item so finding it might require a bit of hunting.

On mattresses and beds the label will typically be a blue label sewn into the sidewall of the item with a picture of a cigarette or match but most importantly will mention that the item “conforms with BS 7177” followed by a date. Dates can vary from 1989 to 2008 but all of them are acceptable, it just depends on when the mattress was made.

If you are buying a new sofa and you think that you might donate it to a reuse charity in the future, please do not cut off the fire safety label, so that you are able to make said donation when the time comes.

example of a fire safety label found on sofas
example of a fire safety label found on beds and mattress