Donate now to help people in need

At Furniture Plus we rely heavily on the kind donations of furniture, white goods, bric-a-brac and other general household goods that we receive from our fantastic donors. If you have a desk you don’t do anything with or a sofa you soon need to see shot of, why not consider donating it to us? It’s the best way to contribute to our project and you’ll not only be gaining space back in your home, you’ll also be helping fund a local community project which strives to drive down poverty and up-skill those furthest removed from the job market in your local area.
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  • We collect from all over Fife

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Help us today by donating

​No matter how small your donation may be, every little item helps a small family to furnish their family home who possibly can’t afford new, or maybe just loves a bargain or two.
We collect from all over Fife six days a week for free and we can collect from any room in your house, saving you the hassle of moving your items out to the kerb.
To find out the kind of items we can and cannot accept as donations, click here.
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Free Furniture Collection

Donate to us direct

If you don’t have need of our collection service at this time but would still like to make a contribution to Furniture Plus, you can directly donate to us via the Paypal Giving Fund. 100% of the money you donate will go to sustaining our project and helping those in need within our community.

Gift Aid

When you make a donation to us, you can also go the extra mile and Gift Aid your donation. Not sure what that means? It’s simple; Gift Aid is a government scheme where charities like ourselves can earn a little extra from you donation, an extra 25% in fact! All it requires is for you to be a current UK tax payer and for you to expect to pay over the amount we will claim in tax this year.

As an example if you donate a two seater sofa to us that we manage to raise £50 from, just by Gift Aiding you could increase the overall value of your donation to £62.50.

To find out more about Gift Aid and how it works, visit the government website at: ​

Gift Aid