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Collection Service: What can & can't we accept?

What can we accept?

What can’t we accept?

Please don’t leave items outside

Our team can collect from any room in the house or from a secure outbuilding. We appreciate that sometimes you’d like to help our crew or clear some space before we arrive by moving your items outside however our teams are under strict orders not to collect items left outside.

This is due to health and safety concerns regarding outside elements that can cause damage to your items before we arrive to collect. Weather being an obvious one but also animals can get to your items and potentially soil your items. Due to the quality control measures we have in place we simply wouldn’t be able to pass an item on that has been marked in such a way.

Soft Furnishings – Fire safety label
There are strict rules regarding soft furnishings and their fire safety. As such when we are offered a donation of say a sofa, we will always ask you to check that the item still carries a fire safety label. This is a requirement for us to uplift any and all soft furnishings as without the label we have no proof that your item does indeed comply with the various rules and regulations surrounding fire safety and could cause a lot of trouble when we are externally audited.