Free Furniture Collections

Collection Service: How does it work?

Book your free collection via our website or by giving us a call direct.

Our collection team will visit your property and check over the your donated items to ensure they meet the various reuse standards that we have to follow. Once everything is good to go, they’ll load up your donation onto the van and bring them back to one of our two stores.

Your donated goods will be prepped for sale and priced. Once you item either sells or is gifted to someone in need in our community we’ll claim Gift Aid to boost the value of your donation.*

The funds raised then go right back into the charity to help us sustain the project and reach even more families in need in our community.

*We will only claim Gift Aid where the donor has agreed for us to do so and has confirmed they are a current UK taxpayer. Find out more about Gift Aid and how it can boost your donation here.

Collection Service: What can I donate?

In general we accept almost everything that helps to make a house a home. However there are some occasions where we may be unable to accommodate certain items. This can be down to a variety of factors that can and likely will change from time to time. To find out about exactly what we currently can and cannot accept as donations click the button below.

What We Accept

Collection Service: Terms & Conditions

Please don’t leave items outside

Our team can collect from any room in the house or from a secure outbuilding. We appreciate that sometimes you’d like to help our crew or clear some space before we arrive by moving your items outside however our teams are under strict orders not to collect items left outside. This is due to health and safety concerns regarding outside elements that can cause damage to your items before we arrive to collect. Weather being an obvious one but also animals can get to your items and potentially soil your items. Due to the quality control measures we have in place we simply wouldn’t be able to pass an item on that has been marked in such a way.

Collection Team Inspection

All donated items are collected subject to our collection teams discretion. This means that we cannot guarantee that we will collect your donation until our collection team have been able to asses them and ensure that they comply with the various reuse policies that we must follow when passing items on. Sending us a photo beforehand might give us a better idea of the items condition but we still require our collection team to inspect in person before agreeing to take your items.

Maximum Number of Items

As our collection team will be doing multiple jobs each run we are only able to accept a certain number of items per donor. At this time we currently accept up to seven items of furniture. If you have more than this it may be worth looking at our more comprehensive House Clearance service. More information on this service can be found here.

Extra Items to Donate

If you have booked a collection with us and suddenly find you have another item that you would like to donate, please inform us before your collection so that we can allow space on the van and avoid disappointment..

Soft Furnishings – Fire safety label

There are strict rules regarding soft furnishings and their fire safety. As such when we are offered a donation of say a sofa or mattress, we will always ask you to check that the item still carries a fire safety label. This is a requirement for us to uplift any and all soft furnishings as without the label we have no proof that your item does indeed comply with the various rules and regulations surrounding fire safety and could cause a lot of trouble when we are externally audited.

Glass Items

All items containing glass require certification mark either BS EN 12521:2009 or BS 14749:2005. Glass safety regulations were introduced in 1994 therefore most older furniture manufactured before that will not contain Safety Glass. If you are donating an item containing glass which predates this then our crew will make a visual inspection to check that the glass is not too thin, is free from cracks or chips and that the item is from a respected retailer. If the item fails this visual check then it will likely be refused.